I feel like I'm leading a double life now that I opened a tumblr account..
I took a long inhale from my cigarette, looking down at the floor I didn't want to let the smoke go, I gave in, the smoke was practically clear. On the table was my cup of tea, earl grey with vanilla, it never changed, I reached for it with my right hand, which also held my cigarette, I probably should have ashed, I pulled the cup toward my mouth for a sip, when I looked up to see which expression you had on your face..my heart pounding as if it was trying to escape from my chest, all I could feel was the opening riff of Love Will Tear Us Apart. It consumed me the rest of our relationship.


someone come watch the devils rejects and eat blizzards wit meee
the relationship I'm in right now feels so disfunctional.


what my prom dress should have looked like

I hate it when riley goes to work and I can't get back to sleep :(
morning tokes by myself I guess..


If I had a dick, this is where I'd tell you to suck it.

I feel bad :(

my brother wanted to borrow my computer for a couple days to bring on the boat.. and I said no.

full house boys

new get up.. 151, illegal in 13 Countries.. I'll never drink again (except tonight in the valley)


This Movie Is Broken



my tan from work.. I get to go caving tomorrow! I've never been before, but I'll probably like it!